Exquisite Custom Adornments from Santa Fe


About Us

Our Mission Statement: To physically, emotionally and spiritually bring joy, beauty and delight to the world. One of the aspects we always try to integrate into our jewelry is a sense of fun and whimsy. We don't mean to suggest that jewelry isn't serious (because we are serious about it as an art form), but we do want it to be fun. We want it to make you feel special when you put it on - To experience a feeling of delight, not only in the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well.

Our shop is located in the Sanbusco Center near the Railyard in historic Santa Fe. Please come and visit. We have jewelry for all tastes and budgets, from $10 to tens of thousands, as well as pashaminas, saris, scarves and sculptures that we find on our yearly trips to Bali and other points in Southeast Asia. We also feature jewelry from other designers, including Native American and local contemporary artists.


Pricing and Ordering

While much of what you see on our website is individually fabricated, most of it can be duplicated, and many of our designs are in stock. Please call or e-mail us for pricing or to discuss options about design.


Custom Work

Our favorite projects over the years have included those where the wearer(s) of the jewelry become engaged in the actual creation of it. We love celebration and ritual. Over the years we have integrated ceremony into the design and alloying process of not only wedding rings, but other projects where the finished jewelry becomes a symbol and a reminder of something MORE. Let us know if you have an idea about something you cannot find anywhere else and we can create it together.


The finished jewelry becomes a symbol and a reminder of something more.